The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist – March 14, 2013

Caroline, as Abigail Adams, files scouting reports from the first day of the CPAC Underworld,  all weirdly Koch Brothers aka “Citizens United”, and weirdly dedicated to the toxicity of  Andrew Breitbart (the authentic heroic tonic anti-dote would be the Scott Prouty and  Bradley Manning part of all of us.) on the CPAC agenda: Bruce Fein channeling Madison, “The Islamic threat to America”, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, movie about how fracking is good for us vs “green extremists.”Rick Perry, and Andrew Breitbart’s posthumous movie on
“who’s really behind the Occupy Movement.” Cause we gotta know about everything.
Happy to hold the poison up to the light…

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