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Democracy Now! – February 20, 2013

Prisoner X: As Secrecy Falls, Doubts Grow on Suicide Claims for Australian Israeli Linked to Mossad; Throwaways: Recruited by Police & Thrown Into Danger, Young Informants Are Drug War’s Latest Victims.

February 20, 2013

    U.N. Warns Syrian Humanitarian Crisis “Getting Worse” as Typhoid Outbreak Confirmed
    Palestinian Prisoners Refuse Meals in Support of Hunger Strikers
    Greek Workers Stage Anti-Austerity National Strike
    Supreme Court to Review Limits on Individual Campaign Donations
    Obama: Automatic Cuts Under Sequester “Will Hurt Our Economy”
    North Carolina Cuts Jobless Benefits, Rejects Federal Aid
    Death Row Prisoner Wins Stay of Execution in Georgia
    Dept. of Education Panel Says School System Burdening Low-Income Children
    4 Dead in California Shooting Spree
    Activists Disrupt Wastewater Fracking Site in Ohio

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