Special Broadcast

– March 20, 2004

10-1 pm PST:
Pacifica Radio broadcasts live from Fayetteville North Carolina, home of Fort Bragg, where military veterans and families will lead a demonstration of unprecedented size in a military town, Crawford, Texas, the hometown of President Bush, and mass demonstrations in New York City.

Veteran journalists Verna Avery-Brown and Larry Bensky will co-host
live from Fayetteville, N.C. Robert Knight of WBAI-Pacifica will
anchor in New York.

1-5 pm PST:
At 1pm we go to live coverage of mass demonstrations in San Francisco and Houston, in a joint broadcast with Pacifica station KPFT in Houston.

Hosted by KPFA’s Dennis Bernstein, Miguel Molina, Solange Echeverria and a crew from Houston. The broadcast will also include members of Flashpoints en Espanol, the Middle East Radio Project, and much more.

The guests from the stage in San Francisco and Houston include:

Woody Harrelson
Dolores Huerta
Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman
Stephen Funk, recent war resister
Linda Sobeh, President of National Palestinian-American Congress
David Barsamian, Alternative Radio
Pierre Labossiere – Haiti Action Committee
…and many, many more!

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