Making Contact

Making Contact – Dam Shame: Rivers and Resistance

As we look for a solution to global energy problems and a way out of the climate crisis- some are turning to dams and hydroelectric power as a source of “green” energy. But at what cost?  Massive dams are being built and considered all over the world, despite mounting concern over their economic, environmental and human impacts. On this edition, we’ll take a closer look at the damage caused by hydropower projects, and we’ll visit a community trying to keep their culture and homeland free from the destructive influence of river dams.


Derrick Jensen, author; Jason Rainey, International Rivers executive director; Shanet Pilot, Pishu Pilot, Denise Jourdain and Elyse Vollant, Innu activists; Marie Louise Andre Mackenzie, Innu elder; Gary Sutherland, HydroQuebec spokesperson; Chris Scott, l’Alliance Romaine activist.

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