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“We Steal Secrets”: Alex Gibney’s New Documentary Explores the Story of WikiLeaks; WikiLeaks Legal Adviser: “We Steal Secrets” Overlooks Key Facets of Julian Assange’s Persecution;
“Fire in the Blood”: Millions Die in Africa After Big Pharma Blocks Imports of Generic AIDS Drugs.

January 23, 2013

    Obama Admin Delays Keystone XL Pipeline Decision Until Spring; Nebraska Gov. Approves New Route
    Supreme Court Rebuffs Industry Challenge to EPA Air Pollution Regulation
    Obama Backs Temporary Plan to Lift Debt Ceiling
    Protests Mark Roe v. Wade’s 40th Anniversary
    Poll Finds Record Support for Abortion Rights in U.S.
    3 Wounded in Shooting at Texas College
    Police: New Mexico Suspect Planned More Shootings
    U.S. Drone Strike Kills 4 in Yemen
    Yemeni Minister Criticizes U.S. Drone Strikes
    U.S. Begins Flying French Troops to Mali
    17 Killed in Iraq Bombings
    Netanyahu Claims Narrow Victory in Israeli Election
    Molestation Victims Call for New Probe of L.A. Church Leaders for Concealing Abuse
    Pentagon Clears Gen. Allen of Wrongdoing in Petraeus Scandal


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