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Democracy Now! – December 18, 2012

As Newtown’s First Victims Are Buried, Washington Shows Signs of Life in Taking on Gun Lobby; New Town to Newtown: How ’96 Massacre Spurred Gun Laws in Australia — and No Mass Shootings Since; “Americans Kill People”: Michael Moore on Newtown, Mass Shootings, and the U.S. Culture of Violence; As NRA Hides From Public After Newtown, ALEC Ties Reveal Extensive Lobbying Behind U.S. Gun Laws.

December 18, 2012

    Funerals Begin for Newtown Victims
    Obama Holds White House Meeting on Possible Gun Control Measures
    Pro-Gun Lawmakers Signal Changing Stance After Newtown Massacre
    Obama Submits New Proposal in “Fiscal Cliff” Talks
    Syrian Military Surrounds Palestinian Refugee Camp
    Bahraini Forces Fire Tear Gas, Arrest Demonstrators at Pro-Democracy Rally
    Report: Obama Admin Deported More Than 200,000 Parents of U.S. Citizens in About 2 Years
    New Jersey Residents Reach Settlement over Surprise Home Raids by ICE Agents
    Tennessee County to Reform Juvenile Justice System After Reports of Racial Bias
    Court Overturns Convictions of New Orleans Police Officers for Post-Katrina Killing
    Court Rules Peace Activists Can Sue over Spying by U.S. Military Informant
    Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen Sues Oakland Police for Head Injury
    Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye Dies at 88


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