The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – February 27, 2004

Embattled President Jen-Bertrand Aristide says the United States should defend Haitian democracy and lead a deployment of foreign police to thwart a coup underway in his country… The Bush Administration tells Aristide to step aside in favor of his constitutional successor and contemplates sending U.S. troops off the shore of Haiti

The California Supreme Court declines a request by the State Attorney General to immediately shut down San Francisco’s same-sex weddings and to invalidate the 35-hundred marriages already performed.. In New York State the Green Party mayor of New Paltz follows Gavin Newsome’s lead and authorizes same-sex marriages

70-thousand Southern California grocery workers to vote this weekend on whether to end their 4 and a half month strike against 3 supermarket chains

The Bush Administration moves to reclassify service employment as manufacturing jobs

California’s Democratic Congressional Delegation warns Governor Schwarzenneger that President Bush’s proposed budget could cost the State 20 billion dollars

The Bush Administration jettisons the Clinton Administration’s plan to phase out land mines

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