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Democracy Now! – November 20, 2012

“No Place is Safe”: After Assault’s Worst Day, Gaza Doctor Says Israel Terrorizing Civilians; Gaza Ceasefire to Be Decided in Cairo, But Will Washington Reign In Israeli Occupation, Blockade?; Killer Robots: HRW and Nobel Laureate Jody Williams Urge Ban on Modern Warfare’s Next Frontier; Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams on Gaza: “We Can’t Support Punishing an Entire Population”; “Where Should the Birds Fly”: Gaza Filmmaker Documents Civilian Toll of 2008-09 Israeli Assault.

November 20, 2012

    Palestinian Toll Tops 116 After Gaza Assault’s Deadliest Day
    Hamas Seeks End to Gaza Blockade in Ceasefire Talks
    Obama Completes Historic Visits to Burma, Cambodia
    Afghan President Orders Seizure of U.S. Military Prison
    France Withdraws Last Afghanistan Combat Unit to Kabul
    FARC Rebels Call Unilateral 2-Month Ceasefire at Start of Truce Talks
    Filing Labor Complaint, Wal-Mart Seeks to Block Nationwide Protests
    Hostess to Enter Talks with Union After Strike Blamed for Company’s Demise
    U.S. Soldier Accused of Killing Five Servicemembers in Iraq Appears in Court
    FCC Set to Ease Media Consolidation Rules
    New York City Man Injured in Mosque Stabbing
    Democrats Claim Wins in Final House Races


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