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Democracy Now! – November 6, 2012

In Key Florida Battleground, Tea Party-Linked “True the Vote” Challenges Voters at the Polls; Election (Suppression) Day 2012: From ID to Intimidation, How to Protect Your Rights at the Polls; In Ohio, African-American Turnout Threatened by Reduced Early Voting and Faulty Ballots; In Landmark Ruling, “Dark Money” Group Tied to Citizens United Ordered to Reveal Its Donors.

November 6, 2012

    Election Day Outcome Rests on Battleground Vote
    Obama: “You’ve Seen Me Fight” for Change
    Romney: Obama Has Failed to Deliver on Promise of Change
    NY, NJ Widen Voting Options in Post-Sandy Recovery
    HUD Halts Some Foreclosures in Storm-Hit Areas
    Dozens Killed in Wave of Syria Violence
    Iraq: Suicide Attack Kills 31 Near Military Base in Baghdad
    U.S. Soldier Charged in Massacre of Afghan Civilians Appears in Court
    Pakistani Family Says U.S. Drone Attack Killed Elderly Woman, Wounded Grandchildren
    Court Hears Arguments in Alleged Entrapment Case of “Newburgh 4”
    U.S. Veteran Placed on No-Fly List Without Explanation
    Appeals Court Hears Challenge to Arizona Abortion Ban
    Judge Sides with Michigan Company Seeking to Opt Out of Contraception Rule
    4 Arrested as Dozens Protest Keystone Oil Pipeline in D.C.


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