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Democracy Now! – October 31, 2012

Global Warming and Sandy: Heating of the Oceans Fuels Record Storm, Leaving Millions Without Power; Bainport Day 50: Workers at Bain-Owned Plant Ask Romney to Save Their Jobs from Going to China; As Sandy Recovery Begins, Romney Draws Scrutiny for Campaign Vow to Gut FEMA, Emergency Relief.

October 31, 2012

    8 Million Without Power After Sandy; Outages Could Last for Days
    Sandy Toll at 48 in U.S., 70 in Caribbean
    Polling Stations in Storm-Hit States to See Extended Hours
    Romney Refuses to Answer Questions on FEMA Stance
    Ex-FEMA Head Brown: Obama Responded “Too Quickly” to Sandy
    Texas Agent Shoots Dead 2 Guatemalans Near Border
    2 NATO Soldiers Killed in Latest Insider Attack
    Syrian Regime Continues Deadly Air Strikes, Shellings
    Bank of England Director: Occupy Was Right on Financial Reform


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