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The United States of ALEC: Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws; In U.N. Address, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Urges Obama Admin to End “Regime of Secrecy”; Exposed: U.S. May Have Designated Julian Assange and WikiLeaks An “Enemy of the State.”

September 27, 2012

    Anti-Austerity Protests Continue in Greece, Spain
    Activists Claim More Than 300 Killed in Syria; UN Warns of 700,000 Refugees
    Egyptian President Opposes Syria Intervention
    Ahmadinejad Says “Uncivilized Zionists” Threaten Iran
    Obama, Romney Spar on China Trade in Ohio
    Study: Global Warming Could Claim 100 Million Lives by 2030
    UC-Davis Reaches $1 Million Settlement over Pepper Spraying of Student Protesters
    U.S. Army Tested Chemicals on Cities, Low-Income Residents
    Ex-Guatemalan Commander Ordered to Stand Trial in U.S.
    U.S. Eases Ban on Burmese Imports
    NFL, Refs Strike Deal to End Lockout
    2012 Right Livelihood Awards Announced in Sweden

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