Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – September 24, 2012

As Anti-Immigrant “Papers” Law Takes Effect, Jeff Biggers on Arizona, the “State Out of the Union”; Jailed, Censored at Home, Russia’s Pussy Riot Hailed by Supporters from Yoko Ono to Aung San Suu Kyi; One Billion Rising: Eve Ensler, Activists Worldwide Plan Global Strike to End Violence Against Women.

September 24, 2012

    Anti-U.S. Protests Leave 21 Dead in Pakistan
    Report: Benghazi Attack Prompts CIA Evacuations from Prison
    U.S. Releases Names of Cleared Gitmo Prisoners
    Romney Unveils 2011 Tax Return After Criticism
    Obama: Change Comes When “People Are Mobilized”
    Ecuador Asks U.K. for Assange’s Safe Passage
    Human Rights Lawyer Assassinated in Honduras
    Ex-Guatemalan Soldier Extradited to U.S.
    Clashes Wound 40 at Foxconn Factory in China
    Chevron Probed for Hiding Pollutants at Richmond Plant


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