Making Contact

Making Contact – Making it Our Business: Co-ops on the Rise

Republic Windows and Doors Company workers; *Ricky Maclin*, United Electrical Workers Local 10 Vice President; *Armando Robles*, United Electrical Workers Local 10 union President; *Denis Kelleher*, Center for Workplace Democracy Executive Director; *Franz** **Vandergroen, Sampat Weerasinghe, *Sarah Wells, Arizmendi Fourth Street members; *Paula*,  Arizmendi 4th Street candidate; *John Kusakabe*, Arizmendi Lakeshore member, *Tim Huet*, Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives co-founder; *Mikel Lezamiz*, Mondragon Director of Cooperative Dissemination; *Maria Jesus, *Mondragon worker/member;* Professor Fred Freundlich*, University of Mondragon researcher; *Ainara Uduando*, Lanki Institute Director

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