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Middle East Protests at U.S. Embassies Spread in Uproar over Anti-Muslim U.S. Film; Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan on the Growing Mideast Protests and “Islam & the Arab Awakening”; As U.S. Inequality Widens, Scholar Cornel West and Broadcaster Tavis Smiley Launch Poverty Tour 2.0.

September 13, 2012

    Protests Spread Across Middle East over Anti-Islam Film
    Romney Slams Obama Admin for Embassy Statement Made Before Attacks
    U.S. Census Shows Economic Inequality Continues to Widen
    Judge Permanently Blocks Indefinite Detention Provision in NDAA
    House Votes to Extend Warrantless Wiretapping
    Talks Progress as Chicago Teachers’ Strike Enters 4th Day; Janitors Stage Solidarity Action
    Victims of Florida Voter Purge to See Rights Restored
    Obama, Netanyahu Attempt to Ease Tensions over Iran
    More than 300 Die in Pakistan Factory Fires

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