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Democracy Now! – September 10, 2012

Chicago Public Teachers Stage Historic Strike in Clash with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Education Reforms; Striking Teachers, Parents Join Forces to Oppose “Corporate” Education Model in Chicago; Chicago Teachers Strike Could Portend Referendum on Obama Admin’s Approach to Education Reform; Infiltrating Occupy: Austin Activists Face Charges for Equipment Provided by Undercover Police; Disabled Athlete, Advocate Eli Wolff on the Overlooked Dynamism & Diversity of the Paralympic Games.

September 10, 2012

    100 Killed in Iraq After Sentencing of Fugitive VP
    U.S. Continues Detaining Afghan Prisoners Despite Baghram Handover
    Syrian Forces Killed in Aleppo Bombings
    Clinton: New U.N. Measure on Syria “Needs Teeth”
    Obama, Romney Campaign After Jobs Report
    Chicago Teachers Stage 1st Strike in 25 Years
    U.S. Refuses to Extradite de Lozada; Backs Immunity for Ex-Mexican President
    Clashes Erupt in Chile Ahead of 1973 Coup Anniversary
    Bahraini Forces Break Up Opposition Protest
    U.S. Deportations Continue at Record Pace Despite Lower Migration

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