The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – January 22, 2004

  • Calls today for a wider investigation into alledged voter intimidation by the Gavin Newsome campaign during San Francisco’s mayoral run-off last month – several members of the Department of Public Works have charged they were coerced by their bosses into walking precincts for Newsome
  • A crucial debate underway in New Hampshire between the remaining seven candidates for the Democratic Nomination for President – The performance of embattled Howard Dean may determine the fate of his campaign
  • A landmark move by the California Public Utilities commission as it adopts an energy procurement framework for the State’s private utilities – it’s a compromise that includes alternative sources of energy
  • California’s salmon farming industry facing a lawsuit for failing to tell consumers the fish contain potentially dangerous levels of PCBs
  • The U.S. forest service announces it will spend 50 million dollars a year to thin Sierra Nevada forests, tripling the amount of logging allowed under the Clinton Administration
  • It’s the 31st anniversary of the historic Roe versus Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion

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