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Democracy Now! – August 13, 2012

“An Extreme Choice”: Embracing Ayn Rand, GOP VP Pick Paul Ryan Backs Dismantling New Deal; The Paul Ryan Vision of America: Ban Abortion, Defund Contraception, Outlaw In Vitro Fertilization.

August 13, 2012

    Egyptian President Dismisses Top Generals; Supporters Fill Tahrir Square
    Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate, Firing Up Tea Party Wing of GOP
    Clinton Says Syria No-Fly Zone Is Possibility As Refugee Crisis Deepens
    Bloody Weekend in Afghanistan: Six U.S. Troops Killed
    Sikh Temple Reopens in Wisconsin Following Neo-Nazi Attack
    Tennessee Mosque Opens After Years of Arson, Vandalism
    300 Killed, Thousands Injured in Iran Earthquakes
    Mexican Activists Launch Caravan of Peace in U.S. to Protest Drug War
    New Mexico Accused of Purging 177,000 Voters
    Global Hunger Summit Held in London
    Obama To Announce $170 Million in Drought Support

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