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Democracy Now! – August 6, 2012

Fear and Outrage in Wisconsin After 6 Killed at Sikh Temple; Gunman ID’d as White Supremacist Vet; Sikh Temple Shooting Stokes Fears in Community With Deep Roots in Wisconsin and Across U.S.; Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting Latest Tragedy to Befall Community in Wave of Post-9/11 Attacks; Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard: To Prevent Next Tragedy, Gun Control Must Follow Mourning.

August 6, 2012

    Gunman Kills 6 at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin
    State Media Bombing in Damascus; Forces Prepare for Aleppo Ground Assault
    Syrian Prime Minister Defects, Joins Opposition
    Militants Kill 16 Egyptian Guards in Sinai Attack
    Israeli Air Strike Kills 1 in Gaza
    Palestinian Authority Cancels Summit After Israel Bars Diplomats
    Suicide Attack Kills 45 in Yemen
    40 Arrested in Bahraini Crackdown
    Japan Marks 67th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing
    Jamaica Celebrates 50 Years of Independence
    Study: “No Explanation Other Than Climate Change” for Extreme Weather
    Oklahoma Wildfires Continue Amidst Record Heat
    U.S. Adds 172,000 Jobs, But Unemployment Hits 8.3%
    Loughner to Plead Guilty in Arizona Shooting
    Protesters Hold National “Kiss-In” for LGBT Rights at Chik-fil-A Locations
    NASA Rover Lands on Mars
    Mexican Singer Chavela Vargas Dead at 93

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