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Democracy Now! – August 3, 2012

Charles Glass: With Annan’s Exit & Influx of Foreign Arms, Syria’s Violence “Seems the Only Way Out”; WikiLeaks in Latin America: Online Whistleblower’s Wide Impact in Region Where Assange Seeks Asylum; Gore Vidal Remembered: 2003 Interview With Late Iconoclastic Writer & Longtime Critic of U.S. Empire.

August 3, 2012

    Annan Steps Down From Syria Mission; Rebels Claim Gains in Aleppo
    North Korea Seeks Food Aid After Major Floods
    Obama: GOP Tax Plan Favoring the Wealthy is “Trickle Down Fairy Dust”
    Romney Suggests Outsourcing Experience Will Help Him Win Back U.S. Jobs
    U.S. Shuts Down Tennessee Uranium Facility After Anti-Nuclear Protesters Infiltrate
    Senate Defeats Revised Cybersecurity Bill
    U.S. to Oppose U.N. Regulation of Internet
    Psychiatrist Reportedly Warned School on Aurora Shooting Suspect
    African-American Man Shot Dead While Handcuffed in Police Vehicle

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