The Morning Show

The Morning Show – January 14, 2004

7:00 am
Can You Trust Touch Screen Voting? Guest David Dill, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford Univ., founder of Verified Voting.

7:30 am
David Bacon on Labor: The international campaign to organize the largest printing company in the world.

8:00 am
Criminalization of Schoolkids. Guests Cesar Lagleva, member of the Marin County Human Rights Commission, Ntanya Lee, Director of Youth Policy at Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, and Ismael Baires, recent high school graduate and member of the Youth Justice Committee of the Youth Commission of SF.

8:30 am
KPFA Local Station Board Elections: Featuring candidates Andrea Turner, Chandra Hauptman, Hep Ingham, and Mark Hernandez.

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