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Democracy Now! – July 23, 2012

Aurora Shooting Witness Omar Esparza Describes Watching Massacre Unfold & Narrowly Escaping Theater; Are We Going To Wait For Another Massacre? Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Urges Stricter Gun Control Measures; Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Colin Goddard: “The Time is Now” for Action on Gun Control Laws; Bud Welch, Father of Oklahoma City Victim, on Rejecting the Death Penalty & Healing After a Tragedy.

July 23, 2012

    Thousands Remember Shooting Victims in Aurora
    Shooting Suspect Amassed Large Arsenal Through Online Purchases
    Obama Admin Dismisses Talk of New Gun Control Laws
    Anaheim Police Kill 2 Latinos, Wound Protesting Residents
    At Least 93 Killed in Iraq Violence
    Syrian Forces Re-Take Damascus District; Assad Offered Safe Passage
    3 U.S. Contractors Killed in Afghanistan
    Norway Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Shooting Massacre
    International AIDS Conference Opens in D.C.
    AIDS Activists Protest Sex Worker Ban
    Sex Worker Conference Begins in India
    Thousands Protest Nieto in Mexico
    Penn State Removes Paterno Statue Over Molestation Cover-Up
    Publisher, Columnist Alexander Cockburn Dies at 71

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