The Morning Show

The Morning Show – December 31, 2003

7:00 am
The Tenth Anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), with Morning Show Labor Editor David Bacon, Martha Ojeda, director of the Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras, Sarah Anderson, with the Institute for Policy Studies.

8:00 am
200th Anniversary of the Haitian Revolution. Guests Pierre Leboissier, Haiti Action Committee, Jean Yvan Kernizan, Radio Soleil, Ayanna Leboirssier, David Welsh, of SF Labor Council, Leslie Flemming, Partners in Health, and Robert Roth, Haiti Support Committee.

8:30 am
Unemployed and broke — a conversation with Merle Kessler, satirist
and performer in “Broke” at The Marsh in San Francisco, and Dean
LaTourrette and Kristine Enea, authors of Time Off! The Unemployed Guide to San Francisco.

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