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Report from Cairo: Protests Erupt in Egypt as Mubarak’s Ex-PM Secures Spot in Presidential Runoff; Jimmy Carter on Monitoring Egyptian Elections, U.S.-Egypt Relations, Future of Camp David Accords; “Inside Job” Director Charles Ferguson: Wall Street Has Turned the U.S. into a “Predatory Nation.”

May 29, 2012

    Obama Oversees “Kill List” of Targets in Secret Drone War
    U.S. Plan to Arm Italy’s Drone Fleet Faces Criticism
    Pressure Mounting on Syria After 108 Killed in Houla Massacre
    Syrian Filmmaker Who Appeared on Democracy Now! Killed in Homs
    Air Strikes Kill 8 Family Members, Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader in Afghanistan
    Bahraini Activist Alkhawaja Ends Hunger Strike; 2nd Activist Released
    Turkish Court Indicts Israeli Military Leaders for Gaza Aid Flotilla Killings
    Obama Administration Asks Judge to Undo Order Against NDAA Indefinite Detention
    Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Disaster Found in California Tuna
    DOJ Probes Reports of Rampant Sexual Abuse by Guards at Alabama Women’s Prison
    Peru Gov’t Declares State of Emergency over Anti-Mining Protests
    Romney Expected to Clinch GOP Nomination with Texas Win; Obama Campaign Slams Romney’s Bain Record
    New Orleans Women’s Activist Group Hit by Apparent Arson Attack

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