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Democracy Now! – May 9, 2012

North Carolina Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage, Civil Unions; From Coal to Foreclosures, Bank of America Faces Protest at Shareholders Meeting in Charlotte; Wisconsin Democrats Select Recall Challenger to Take On Gov. Scott Walker’s “Ideological Civil War.”

May 9, 2012

    North Carolina Approves Gay Marriage Ban
    Lugar Loses GOP Primary in Indiana; Dems Select Walker Opponent in Wisconsin
    GOP Blocks Student Loan Relief in Senate Vote
    Would-Be Airline Bomber Was Saudi CIA Double Agent
    Annan Warns of Syrian Civil War
    Greek Leftists Rule Out Coalition With Austerity Backers
    Red Cross Urges Israel to Transfer Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners
    Bahrain Delays Protester Retrials As 2 Hospitalized
    Al Jazeera Closes China Bureau Over Visa Denial
    Utah Enacts 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period
    10 White Supremacists Arrested in Florida for “Race War” Plot
    Twitter Resists Court Order on Occupy Activist
    Officers Face Manslaughter Charges over Fatal Beating of Homeless Man

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