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Democracy Now! – May 8, 2012

Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich on Clinton’s Errors of Crippling Welfare to Repealing Glass-Steagall; “We Need to Make a Ruckus”: Robert Reich Hails Occupy for Exposing Concentration of Wealth and Power; Justice Cheated: Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth on Failures of Guantánamo Military Tribunals.

May 8, 2012

    NATO Admits Killing Afghan Mother, 5 Children in Air Strike
    Leftist Greek Parties Attempt to Form Anti-Austerity Government
    Greek Neo-Nazi Party Wins Support on Anti-Immigrant Platform
    German Chancellor Rejects Call to Remake Euro Austerity Pact
    Interpol Seeks Arrest of Iraqi Vice President
    CIA Thwarts Alleged Underwear Bomb Plot by Al-Qaeda in Yemen
    Red Cross: Some Syrian Violence Qualifies as Civil War
    Russia: Hundreds of Protesters Arrested as Putin Resumes Presidency
    House Budget Committee OKs Massive Social Cuts to Preserve Military Funds
    North Carolina Voters Consider Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage
    U.N. Investigator Calls for U.S. to Restore Some Land to Native Americans
    Arizona Enacts Ban on Public Funds for Groups That Provide Abortions
    EPA Whistleblower Who Exposed 9/11 Health Risks Gets Job Back

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