Special Programming

The Morning Mix

The Morning Mix – The State of the Environment – Privatization and the Attack on Education. A four part special.

With Diane Ravitch, historian of education and educational policy analyst, research professor at New York University.Previously, she was a United States Assistant Secretary of Education.

The first  conference to examine the privatization of education in California through charters and corporatization of education. Speakers outline the  potential criminal violations by charter lobbying
organizations and their operatives to siphon public funds into for-profit organizations. It  also looks at the growing systemic conflicts of interests in all levels of public education with regents, trustees, members of boards of education, administrators  and other government officials having ethical and financial conflicts of interests.

With Kathleen Carroll,  whistleblower and attorney at the Commission For Teacher Credentials CTC, fired for raising issues of nepotism, conflicts of interests and systemic violation of the education code by the administrators and members of the Board. Gray Brechin, OEA retired union leader, Jack Gerson, Mickey S. Huff.

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