The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist – Winter Solstice – Diving into the Dark

Caroline hosts Michael Gruber, author of (many books) “Night of the Jaguar,” super-pertinent to us all now, as animistic forces of Intelligence rise up, within and without, to protect the world from the rapacious ravagings of sociopathic dementors – to whom we have out-sourced leadership. Until Now!

“Moie knew that the world was ruled by ‘ryuxit”, the harmony of the different children of Jaguar, tree rock snake fish bird all together with humans.  What was not ‘ryuxit’ was ‘siwix,’ those things that were disharmonious.”  And one did not love the disharmonious.  But according to a friend, one “could love ‘siwix’, and by loving it, change it into ‘ryuxit’, and not only that, but a better ‘ryuxit’ than had been before.”…”Moie would certainly have dismissed all of this as dead people’s (white people’s) nonsense, if he had not visited his friend’s spirit in a dream.  There he found not the shriveled sad soul characteristic of the ‘waichuranan’ (white people), but something immense and powerful, ‘ryuxit’ beyond ‘ryuxit.’

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