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pushing limits – November 18, 2011

The Promise and Repercussions of the Olmstead Decision

The 1999 Supreme Court Olmstead decision
required states to configure aid so that people
with disabilities could live as close to their own
homes and community as possible. Twelve years
later, huge numbers of us still remain unwilling
inmates of nursing homes. Now, even more of
us are likely to lose our independence due to
Jan 1 trigger cuts in the California and the Federal

Friday, November 18 at 2:30 pm on
KPFA, 94.1fm Pushing Limits will discuss the
Olmstead decision with Jean Stewart, a member
of Communities United in Defense of Olmstead

We’ll also talk about the threat to independent rural
hospitals from the same federal trigger cuts with
Leslie D. March, CEO of the Lexington (Nebraska)
Regional Health Center. Hosted by Eddie Ytuarte
and Adrienne Lauby.

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