Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland Prepares for General Strike as War Veterans Organize Day of Action at Occupy Camps; WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Loses Appeal to Stop His Extradition to Sweden; Exclusive: Gaza-Bound “Freedom Waves” Flotilla Sets Sail From an Eastern Mediterranean Port.

Today’s Headlines

    U.K. Court Rules WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Can Be Extradited to Sweden
    Greek Cabinet Backs Prime Minister’s Call for Popular Referendum on $179 Billion Bailout
    Public Outcry Forces Bank of America to Drop Planned Debit Card Fee
    Occupy Protesters Call for Citywide General Strike Today in Oakland
    New York City Occupy Supporters Join Anti-Police Brutality Activists in Stop & Frisk Protest
    London: St. Paul’s Cathedral Drops Plans to Evict Encamped Protesters
    Israeli Leaders Rallying Support to Attack Iran
    Following UNESCO Vote, Israel Punishes Palestine With More Settlements, Tax Revenue Freeze
    Human Rights Watch Condemns Turkey For Imprisoning Pro-Kurdish Intellectuals
    Office of French Satirical Newspaper Burned Down Day After Mocking Islamic Faith
    Japan: Operator of Crippled Nuclear Plant Particles May Be Result of Recent Nuclear Fission
    Georgia Militia Members Arrested for Plotting to Attack Government Officials


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