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Michael Moore & Cornel West on OWS, Iraq & the Progressive Discontent Obama Faces in ’12 Vote; Occupy Louisville: Voices From Social Justice Encampment in the Hometown of Muhammad Ali; Dr. Cornel West: “We Are in a Magnificent Moment of Democratic Awakening.”

Today’s Headlines

    Obama: With U.S. Withdrawal, “War in Iraq Will Be Over”
    U.S. to Keep Private Forces, Negotiate New Military Terms in Iraq; Clinton Warns Iran on Withdrawal
    Libyans Celebrate “Liberation” Following Gaddafi Death
    U.S. Recalls Syria Ambassador Over Alleged Threats
    McCain Raises Specter of U.S. Military Action in Syria
    Panetta: Pacific Region “Top Priority” for U.S. Military
    Tunisians Select Assembly in First Elections
    130 Arrested at Occupy Chicago Protest
    Cantor Cancels Occupy-Themed Speech Over Protest Fears
    News Corp Shareholders Press Murdoch on Hacking Scandal
    Argentina Re-Elects Fernandez de Kirchner
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Says He’s Free of Cancer
    NPR Drops Opera Program Over Host’s Activism


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