Cover to Cover with Jennifer Stone

Cover to Cover (Tuesdays) – October 16, 2007

Jennifer takes a look at a the book, Voices Of Protest: Documents of Courage and Dissent.

Voices of Protest carries the reader through a whirlwind tour of protests across the world and throughout history. It vividly frames the importance of protest in democratic societies, presenting approximately 300 documents- essays, letters, newspaper articles, court decisions, song lyrics, poetry, cartoons, and more- that represent seven main categories of protest: Civil Rights;  National Self- Determination;  Economic Justice;  Environmental Conservation;  Religious Freedom and Morality;  Peace and War; and  International Political Freedoms. A small sampling of the entries includes Seneca Falls Declaration of Women’s Rights; Fidel Castro’s anti- American writings protesting cultural domination; John Muir’s essay "The American Forests"; and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s letter from a Birmingham jail. The editors have framed the documents with concise original commentary that places each selection in a political, historical, and social context. The book is a rousing confirmation that individual and community action matters and has had great influence in shaping global society today.

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