Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – August 17, 2011

Human Rights Watch: Abuses by All Sides Fueling Crisis in Somalia; Rick Perry Stirs Ire for Fed Threat, “Economic Miracle” Claim & Calling Entitlements “Ponzi Scheme”;l Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics “Anti-American”.

Today’s Headlines

    Report: Obama to Unveil New Jobs Plan in September
    Wisconsin Democratic Senators Retain Seats in Recall Votes
    Immigrants Rights Activists Protest Obama Across U.S.
    Syria Claims Military Pullback from Besieged Towns
    Rebels Deny Talks With Gaddafi Regime
    U.N.: 10 Children Dying Daily at Single Ethiopian Camp
    Murdoch Aide Knew of Letter; James Murdoch Could Face More Questioning
    World Bank Unveils Food Price Warning
    IMF Chief Cautions Against Spending Cuts
    Israel Arrests Al Jazeera Journalist in West Bank
    11 Killed in Honduran Land Dispute

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