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Democracy Now! – May 18, 2011

Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s Private Army of “Christian Crusaders” in the UAE; Inside Obama’s “Orwellian World” Where Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage: The Case of Thomas Drake; Will the Justice Department Prosecute Bank of America, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo For Mortgage Fraud?

Today’s Headlines

    * CIA Deployed Sophisticated New Stealth Drone In Hunt For Bin Laden
    * Pakistan: Militants Attack Security Checkpoint Killing 17
    * 12 Killed In Afghanistan Protest Following Deadly NATO Night Raid
    * Al Jazeera Confirms Release Of Detained Journalist Dorothy Parvaz
    * Bahrain Continues Media Crackdown, Five Journalists Detained
    * Report: Yemen President Agrees To Sign Transfer Of Power Deal With Opposition
    * IMF Chief Charged With Sex Crimes Placed On Suicide Watch
    * Alleged Victim In Rape Case Is 32-Year-Old Muslim From Guinea
    * Hundreds Protest JP Morgan Chase Tax Dodging And Foreclosures, Elderly Demonstrators Maced
    * Pennsylvania Fines Gas Company $1 Million For Water Contamination, Well Fire
    * Guatemala In State Of Siege Following Drug Cartel Mass Killing; Two Suspects Killed, One Arrested
    * San Francisco Man First Person Ever To Be Cured Of AIDS
    * Secret Service Interrogates Seventh Grader Without Parents’ Consent


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