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Democracy Now! – May 17, 2011

Israeli Troops Shoot U.S. Student in Head with High-Velocity Tear Gas Canister; A New Nonviolent Resistance Movement Grows as Palestinians Mark Nakba Day with Protests at Syria, Lebanon and Gaza Borders; “Violent Crackdown” on Pro-Palestinian Protesters in Cairo Leaves Over 350 Injured; Opposition to Military Trials of Civilians in Egypt Gains Momentum; “Getting Wise to Breitbart’s Lies”: Missouri Professors Survive Right-Wing Smear Campaign by Andrew Breitbart.

Today’s Headlines

    * NATO Bombs Key Gaddafi Targets in Tripoli
    * U.S. Joins Talks with Taliban amid Fresh Deaths of Civilians and U.S. Troops
    * NATO Helicopter Fires on Pakistani Army Post
    * New York Investigates Major Banks over Mortgage Security Operations
    * Supreme Court Increases Police Power to Conduct Warrantless Searches
    * IMF Chief Held on Sex Crime Charges Denied Bail
    * Canada Wildfires Threaten Oil Pipeline Spill Cleanup
    * New Yorker Exposé Reveals Obama’s Expansive Attack on Whistleblowers
    * Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Bush-Era Extraordinary Rendition Case
    * Journalists Detained in Libya May Be Released
    * Iran Comments on Missing Al Jazeera Correspondent


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