Pushing Limits

two new disability movies – May 6, 2011

May 6 is a popcorn-eating day at Pushing Limits with two films by people with disabilities.

“When I am Not Alone” is an award-winning movie about the trials and triumphs of Sam Durbin, a transgendered man. Sam lives with a developmental disability, a seizure disorder, traumatic brain injury and mental illness. He is a public speaker on behalf of a disability center and the author of “You’re Not the Boss of Me.”

Tomorrow, at 2:30 pm on 94.1 fm or www.kpfa.org we’ll preview this remarkable film about a remarkable guy, which was produced by up and coming director Rhianon Gutierrez. Gutierrez, herself, lives with severe to profound hearing loss. In addition, we’ll hear about Joe Stutts, a guy who worked a shovel in a coalmine and wanted to drive the heavy equipment. He only had one problem. He couldn’t read. The struggle Joe Stutts waged to improve his own life has opened the doors for tens of thousands of people with dyslexia. Learn more as we listen to excerpts from the film “Headstrong. Tomorrow’s program is part of KPFA’s Spring Fund Drive and we’ll be asking you to contribute as much as you can to help keep KPFA– and Pushing Limits– moving forward. (800) 439-5732 or (510) 848-5732 Talk to the phone volunteers about receiving your own copies of these two films as a thank you gift. Raphaella Bennin and Adrienne Lauby host. Podcast & archives of this program: http://www.kpfa.org/archive/show/33 http://www.pushinglimits.i941.net/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pushing-Limits-Radio-KPFA/149449458429401 Live Streaming: www.kpfa.org Pushing Limits is produced collectively and open to new members. Contact us. Tell us what you think about what you hear: (510) 848-6767 ext. 636 [email protected] Headstrong http://www.headstrongnation.org/ When I Am Not Alone http://www.whenimnotalonefilm.com/

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