Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – May 4, 2011

Former Military Interrogator Matthew Alexander: Despite GOP Claims, “Immoral” Torture “Slowed Down” Effort to Find Osama bin Laden; 50th Anniversary of the First Freedom Ride: New Documentary Recounts Historic 1961 Effort to Challenge Segregated Bus System in the Deep South.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S.: Bin Laden Unarmed in Deadly Raid
    * Pakistan Criticizes U.S. Raid
    * Bush Rejects Obama Invite to Ground Zero
    * U.N.: 40,000 Flee Western Mountains in Libya
    * ICC Prosecutor Claims Evidence of War Crimes by Gaddafi Forces
    * Palestinian Factions Sign Unity Deal in Egypt
    * 9 Killed in Iraq Bombing
    * Bahrain to Try Medical Workers Who Treated Injured Protesters
    * Report: 200,000 Political Prisoners in North Korea Camps
    * BP to Pay $25M to Settle Alaska Spill Charges
    * Firm Accused of Spying on Customers With Leased Computer
    * Groups File Suit Over Utah Immigration Law
    * Report: Global Warming Threatens Dramatic Sea Rise


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