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Democracy Now! – April 25, 2011

Syrian Crackdown Intensifies: Over 150 Killed Since Friday as Assad Regime Attempts to Crush Protest Movement; First Tunisia, Then Egypt, Now Yemen? Yemeni President Saleh Agrees to Resign Within 30 Days; Protests Continue; WikiLeaks Documents Reveal U.S. Knowingly Imprisoned 150 Innocent Men at Guantánamo.

Today’s Headlines

* WikiLeaks Documents Reveal Over 150 Innocent Men Knowingly Held at Guantánamo
* Yemen President Accepts Plan to Step Down, Security Forces Continue Crackdown
* Syria Deploys Troops and Tanks in Continuing Crackdown, 20 Killed, Border Sealed
* NATO Bombs Gaddafi Compound Injuring Dozens, U.S. Senators Call for Escalation of Mission
* Iraq: Thousands Protest Extended U.S. Occupation
* U.S. Federal Court Reinstates Case Against Blackwater Guards in Iraq Massacre
* 500 Prisoners Escape Prison in Afghanistan
* Japan: Damaged Nuclear Plant Released More Radioactive Material than Previously Estimated; Thousands Call for Nuclear Moratorium
* Pakistan: NATO Supply Route Blocked by Drone Strike Protesters
* Rep. Markey Calls for Probe into iPhone Location Tracking Technology
* Obama: WikiLeaks Suspect Broke Law, Dismisses Similarity to Daniel Ellsberg

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