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Syria Lifts Emergency Law as Protesters Come Under Fire in Syrian City of Homs; Former Libyan Diplomat on His Defection and Call for Intensification of NATO Operations; Phyllis Bennis: U.K. Sends Troops into Libya as International Coalition Expands Mission to Include Regime Change; As Radiation Continues to Leak from Japan Nuke Plant, Owners of Vermont Yankee Plant Sue to Stay Open.

Today’s Headlines

    * E.U. Considers Sending Ground Troops into Libya
    * Tear Gas Grenades Thrown into Home of Bahraini Activist
    * Exposed: Link Between British Oil Firms and Invasion of Iraq
    * WikiLeaks: U.S. Tried to Stymie U.N. Probe of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
    * Michigan City Takeover Plan Criticized as Attack on Democracy
    * U.S. Firms Shipped Millions of Jobs Overseas in 2000s
    * Income for Nation’s Wealthy Soars as Tax Rate Falls
    * Ex-General Linked to Abu Ghraib Abuses Considers Senate Run
    * 21 Arrested at Interior Department Sit-In
    * Obama to Climate Activists: “Push the Envelope”
    * Obama Admin & Power Companies Aim to Block Global Warming Lawsuit

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