APEX Express

APEX Express – April 14, 2011

On this show, we start off with a poem from Isle Yi Park in celebration of National Poetry month. Park’s piece comes from her album entitled Work Is Love.

APEX will begin a series of interviews trying to gain some insight and orientation with all that’s been going on in Japan. For the April 21 show, APEXer Robynn will speak with Hiroshi Fukurai from UC Santa Cruz and they’ll address Japan’s “nuclear gypsies” and the Tokyo Electric Company’s questionable labor practices. For this show, we check-in with the bay-area Japanese hip-hop group, ScoJourners. We unpack some of their tracks, and APEXer R.J. gets a lesson in code switching.

The ScoJourners will be part of a collection of musicians far and wide, gathering for April 16th’s Japan Restart, which is happening at the Sundance Kabuki Theatres in Japantown, San Francisco. For more information and to pick up tickets, please visit the Japan Restart website.

Also in this show are Nicole Maxali, Francis Lansang, and Paolo Salazar. They’ll be performing for Kularts in a show called Kwentong Kalifornia: Dispatches from Intrstate [email protected] Maxali, Francis, and Paolo discuss the motivations behind their mediums and how they keep their hustle going using social media, friends, and an open-forward facing outlook on life.  For more information on the show, happening April 15th and 16th at the Bayanihan Community Center, please visit the Kularts website.

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