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Women’s Magazine – March 21, 2011

Women and children are disproportionately susceptible to the dangers of radiation, but what are the dangers and which women are at risk?  And how do we protect ourselves?
We talk with Dr. Helen Caldicott, the world’s leading antinuclear advocate, along with Patrice Sutton of the UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Enrivonment, and Dr. Robert Gould, local president of Physicians for Social Responsibility.  Don’t miss Dr. Caldicott’s analysis of how testosterone causes radiation.

And Kate Raphael has an extended conversation with author/activist Margaret Randall, whose 80 books include Sandino’s Daughters: Women in the Nicaraguan Revolution, To Change the World: My Life in Cuba, and Hunger’s Table: Women, Politics and Food. Randall talks about her life in Cuba and Nicaragua, the importance of second wave feminism, and women’s participation in revolutionary movements.

After broadcast segments are available at http://kpfawomensmag.blogspot.com.

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