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Womens Magazine – January 3, 2011

This Monday on Women’s Magazine, we look back at stories related to women and gender issues which were underreported in both the mainstream and progressive media in 2010.


On Project Censored’s Top 25 list for 2010, not one story has to do with women and gender issues. But that doesn’t mean there was so much coverage of women’s issues; rather, the stories related to women are so censored that even the watchdogs didn’t notice them.


Tune in to hear about the Paycheck Fairness Act, cuts to Calworks and In-Home Support Services, radical queer critiques of marriage and the military, the African Feminist Forum, the rise in sexual assault in the U.S. military, shackling of pregnant women in California prisons, and more.


Plus we remember feminist icons Wilma Mankiller, Mary Daly and Dorothy Height and singers Abbey Lincoln and Mary Travers.


Plus the Women’s Calendar.

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