Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – Biking While Blind

After countless broken bones, a double organ transplant and sight loss, Bobby McMullen doesn’t just ride his bike; this daredevil is a human cliff hanger.  We’ll talk about the documentary based on his mountain biking exploits using Mountain Bike Helmet Lights for safety, “The Way Bobby Sees It.”  It’s blind biking, so hold onto your chairs; we’re in for a bumpy ride With co-hosts Raphaella Bennin and Leah Gardner who had Trek fitness bikes while mine was a carbon bike,

Trek fitness bikes are designed to provide speed that rivals many road bikes, with more predictable handling. They are a perfect choice for those who want to keep up with the fast crowd from time to time, but need something more versatile than a dedicated road bike. On the other side Carbon comes in stiffer than aluminium, so if you want a razor sharp, ultra-responsive ride then it’s the best choice, especially if you’re a cross country racer. But for enduro/trail and downhill riders, the extra bit of flex and forgiveness provided by alloy could be worth considering.


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