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Terra Verde – October 29, 2010

Lierre Keith was a vegan for 20 years but then readopted and omnivore diet and now argues vegetarianism will not address livestock’s environmental impact. Terra Verde investigates.


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  1. I came here to see if LK actually states, “I never cheated on beef, but I certainly binged on eggs and dairy every chance I got.” She does indeed state this, at 5:33 – 6:28. Her description implies that this happened quite often. (Possibly on the weekends, because she says the “soy and brown rice” would “last a week, then you’d fall right back off the wagon,”… “dedicating yourself again, on Monday morning, to being a vegan.”
    My purpose here is not to berate her for the lapses. My purpose is to point out that in light of what she says here, it defies logic to attribute her health problems to an absence of animal products in her diet. According to LK herself, they weren’t absent.

    1. I came here for the same reason. It’s like saying that you’re Paleo and you binge on rice and beans every chance you get. It’s hard to take her seriously.

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