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Women’s Magazine – August 20, 2007

Recent incidence of violence against women within the African American Community have triggered a discussion on leadership and responsibilty. Two woman who have raised their voices and concerns are Gina McCauley and Aisha Shaheda Simmons. Gina McCauley, an attorney in Texas, was so upset by the portrayal of black women in the mainstream media that she began a blog called what about our daughters. Aisha Shaheda Simmons is a writer, lecturer, activist, and filmmaker whose works examines issues of race, gender, homophobia, rape, and misogyny. Her recent film No! explores sexual violence in the African American community. Africa Jones recently spoke with Gina McCauley and Aisha Simmons.

Plus, the right to have sex is a topic rarely discussed when addressing reproductive health and rights issues. Sarah Olson reports from SisterSong 2007 , a four-day national conference entitled "Let’s Talk about Sex" held in Chicago, May 31-June 3, and hosted by African American Women Evolving.Speakers and presenters at the conference spoke about creating a sex-positive culture in the context of reproductive justice.

And finally, Kate Raphael reports on the surreal experience of three U.S. feminists who were prevented from leaving the Philippines in an effort to brand them as terrorists. Plus the Women’s Calendar and more.

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