Americas Back 40

America’s Back 40 – April 11, 2010 at 1:00pm

this episode is no longer available



hurricane seasontrombone shortybackatownverve
little featdixie chickenlittle feat and friends join the band429 records
john hiattlike a freight trainthe open roadnew west
leon russell and new grass revivalwild horsesthe live albumparadise
ian and sylviatruckers cafegreat speckled birdbearsville
mac macanallyon account of youdown by the rivershow dog
nick lowehope for us allat my ageyep roc
roseanne cash neko casesatisfied mindmotherless childrenemanhattan
free little birdany old time string bandi bid you goodnightarhoolie
black crown stringbandpoor ramblerblack crown stringbandqblack crown stringband
cottars23rd of junefeastrounder
kieran kaneeight more milesdead reckoningdead reckoning
sam cookehes my guidetwo sides of sam cookspecialty
that just about done itvern gosdinalonecbs
shelby lynnsomething to be saidtears lies and alibieseverso
huckleberry flintdixiegood night darlinghuckleberry flint
stambaugh waltzdouble decker string bandgiddyup napoleontakoma
ruth moodywinter waltzthe gardenred house
summertown roaddennie bradensummertown roadrounder
grascalsthe famous lefty flynnsthe famous lefty flynnsrounder
will kimboughtit aint coolwingsdaphine
louise mosriebackroadshomemosrie
Elizabeth laprelllittle darling pal of minelizard in the springold 97
jimmy dale gilmoredon't look for aheartachefair and squarehightone
john doe and the sadiestake these chains from my heartcountry clubyep roc
texas saphireshow did i get so sloppy drunk when i was drinking neatAs He Wandersike
blues brothershey bartenderblues brothersatlantic

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