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Women’s Magazine – January 11, 2010

This Monday January 11th  at 1 PM KPFA Radio's Women's Magazine will feature a special one hour documentary Beyond Gay Marriage; a documentary  that provides a radical Queers critique of the Gay Marriage movement and the move toward a more assimiliationist and less radical gay politics.  It is 40 years since the Stonewall rebellion that generated the birth of the gay liberation movement but the gay movement today is a far different movement then the radical politics of the 1960's and for many progressive  Queers is moving in the wrong direction.   While many have assumed that gay marriage is important to most Queers this documentary will challenge that myth and will show how the emphasis on gay marriage is part of the loss of a radical Queer critique that was once part of the LGBT politics.  We will discuss how we got to where we are and what kind of political work radical Queers are dong.    You will hear the voices of  many radical queers and academics sharing their perspective on what a radical Queer movement and politics could  be.  That's Monday at 1pm on 94.1 FM or online at www.kpfa.org/womensmagazine.

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