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Women’s Magazine – What’s So Funny?

If you need a laugh Women’s Magazine is the place to be; we are featuring an hour of comedy.  In the first half hour you’ll hear from a Trinidadian/Tobagan comic, Donna Haddad, who encourages us to speak more openly about the seldom-acknowledged vagina.  You’ll also hear from what most consider the ultimate in women’s comedy: Jackie ‘Moms’ Mabley.  A pioneer of the so-called chitlin’ circuit, Mabley tackled topic too edgy for many other comics of the time–such as racism.  The mother of four and grandmother of five, Mabley lived most of her life as a lesbian, yet one of her regular themes was the romantic interest in handsome young men rather than old “washed-up geezers.”  We’ve also got an excerpt from English comedian, Elisabeth Mee, and two East Indian comics, as well as something from Mo’Nique, actor, author, television host, and the funniest big girl I know.  Mo’Nique, who once worked as a telephone sex operator, got her start in comedy at the downtown Baltimore Comedy Factory Outlet when her brother, Steve, dared her to perform at an open mic night.  Her 2007 documentary, I Coulda Been Your Cellmate!, focuses on women who are incarcerated.


In the second half of Women’s Magazine, it’s more laughs–as well as room for contemplative thought–as we feature Sheryl Underwood, a regular on-air radio personality on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.  On Tuesday nights, Underwood hosts The Sheryl Underwood Show on Jaime Foxx’s Sirius Satellite Radio channel, The Foxxhole.  Underwood holds a Bachelor's degree and two Master's degrees, and once served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  She frequently makes jokes about "all the creative places you can get busy on military base."  A National Council of Negro Women and NAACP member, Sheryl Underwood also founded the African-American Female Comedian Association.  This half of Women’s Magazine also includes something from North American (Canada) born actor Sandra Oh, who appears in numerous comedic roles.  Born to Korean emigrant parents, Oh has been acting for decades; she began as at age ten in 1981.  Time permitting, we’ll have other comics.  And, as usual, the show includes Jovelyn’s World and the weekly calendar of events, compiled by Yvette Hochberg.  It’s an hour of comedy.  So, What’s So Funny? 

Hosted by Jovelyn Richards, with consultation from Bren, Josh and Ms. M., and production by Safi wa Nairobi.


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