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The 39th Annual KPFA Crafts & Music Fair – Rock en Rebelion Showcase

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Carne Cruda

At the forefront of the exciting Post-Latin music scene, this fresh, raw band challenges all traditionalists.  Exploring the intersection of Surf and Latin music, Carne Cruda isn’t afraid to mash The Ventures against the Buena Vista Social Club and see what comes out. As reverb springs from the twangy guitar latin-funk horns blare against the rocking rhythm section causing dancefloors to explode from Oakland to Poland, from Cali, Colombia to California. The tongue-in-cheek humor of Carne Cruda’s lyrics and the good old-fashioned sense of fun that exudes from the stage has propelled Carne Cruda on four European tours and beyond, and the tight musicianship mixed with a playful attitude and rocking musical numbers has opened the doors to countless listeners around the world. Produced by four-time Grammy®-nominated producer Greg Landau, Carne Cruda is raw and rocking and coming your way.

DJ Santero

Santero comes from a long family tradition of Latin musicians and Sonidero sound system deejays. Raised in the mountains, jungles and Atlantic coasts of Central America, he travelled extensively from Guatemala to Panama performing with his father’s Salsa & Cumbia bands. He came to the United States at a young age as a refugee escaping the political upheaval in Central America in the late 70’s and 80’s. Once in the US, Santero began the musical street hustle that would ultimately define his style and sound. From the ghettos of New York and New Orleans to the barrios of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santero refined his sonic palette and delivery by performing relentlessly in nightclubs, warehouses and on street corners.  Influenced by Reggae, Jazz, Punk, Funk and Hip-Hop, and incorporating his traditional Latin upbringing with these western music styles, Santero developed his own brand of international fusion beats.  Santero now resides in Oakland, CA where he hosts a hugely successful weekly Latin music showcase called VOODOO. He splits his time working as a recording artist, producer, deejay and radio host.



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