Making Contact

Making Contact – How We Survive: In These Economic Times

People are struggling just to stay afloat. We’re still in the midst of a recession. Despite reports of expected slow economic growth through the first half of 2010, millions in the U.S remain unemployed. In these rough economic times, how are so many making ends meet?

On this edition, we continue our series “How We Survive.” We meet a New York City street canner who’s changed his life and community one can at a time; A San Francisco couple paying the bills … with pickles? And we talk to author John Curl who says an unemployment movement may be on the rise.


John Williams, economist with Shadow Government Statistics; Michael Premo, producer; Eugene “The King of Can’s” Gadsden, canner; Ana Martinez De Luco, canner; Drew Swope, canner; John Curl, author.


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