Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits – November 20, 2009

Who says a one-armed man can't pitch a no-hitter or shoot for the net in a Division I college basketball game?  Who says a deaf man can't wield the bat in a major league baseball game?  And who says disabled kids don't make good athletes?  Friday on Pushing Limits, Eddie Ytuarte and Leah Gardner will discuss possibility and triumph with commentator Gary Gray, who writes about disabled athletes in his blog.  We'll also speak with Doug Pringle, President of the Far West chapter of Disabled Sports Usa about how kids can learn to shine on the court, the diamond and on the field with encouragement and programs facilitating their development.

Get in to the game with us on 94.1 Kpfa Fm in Berkeley or at www.kpfa.org/pushing-limits at 2:30 PM PST.


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